A Diet is for Life, Not just for SummerSince the dawn of the new millennium more than half of the world’s female population has gone on a diet and about one third of men have tried to shed the pounds by fad dieting. People are willing to try just about anything to slim down. The Atkins, Subway and Cabbage Soup diet are nonsense but have found quite a large following. A Diet is a Way of Life for Everyday of Your LifeAnyone can drop the pounds through starvation, which tends to be the main aspect of every fad diet plan; calorie control and undernourishment. Fad diets are the biggest predictor to developing an eating disorder. Therefore, my tip is: Don’t diet. If you want to lose weight you should tackle it using a three part strategy:

1. Start: Just do it and stop talking about it.

2. Restore: Cut out the bad food of having been eating and return to fruits, whole grain, protein, and healthy fat choices and portions. This will restore your body to its full health. Remember it is important to listen and react to the signals that your body is giving you and start to mute out the nonsense found in a lot of modern diet literature. If your hungry eat if your not don’t.

3. MAINTAIN: This is the most difficult part for most people, but nevertheless it is the most important part. I’m not saying this is going to be easy, it is similar to smoker going cold turkey. Sometimes cutting down one cigarette at a time and using nicotine patches is better, quitting in the end is what’s important. You must make a series of small but significant changes to achieve your goal of a healthier life Fad diets usually aren’t successful because they are extreme, forcing you to give up whole food groups and change your habits all at once. While these diets fail, healthy dietary and lifestyle succeed. The best way to lose weight and keep slim is to make one or two healthy changes at a time, baby steps. Only add another change once the previous one has become part of your routine and you enjoy it. If your not happy with shock changes in your life they won’t last. Finding healthy foods you enjoy is so important. If you like what you are eating you will choose it because you enjoy it, not because you’re on a diet.

Its not All about Food Exercise is a terrible tool for weight loss, but wonderful for wellness. Try to excersiseeveryday. This doesn’t mean gym membership just try be more active. Go for a walk to the shops instead of driving or try and take the stair instread of the elevator. The best option is find a physical activity you enjoy, it could be a sport or simply going dancing once in a while. When you respect your body more, by moving it and listening to it, your body will reward you.
And finally, try to set yourself goals. Make small targets of what you want to achieve on your path to health success.